Blue Nile, Ethiopia

Kiira Power Plant, Lake Victoria, Uganda

Three Gorges Project

High Aswan Dam, Nile River, Egypt

Hydropower generates about 20% of all electricity used worldwide.
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WREM International specializes in challenging projects pertaining to integrated and sustainable water, environmental, and energy resources development and management. WREM provides services in the following areas:  

INFORMATION SYSTEMS (databases, GIS, data analysis and visualization tools, and meanigful user-data interfaces).

DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS FOR RIVER BASIN PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT (integrated information and modeling systems to support climate and hydrologic forecasting, river flow simulation and forecasting, reservoir management, flood and drought forecasting and management, conjunctive use of surface and groundwater, water supply and sanitation, energy generation planning, navigation, agricultural planning, and environmental and ecological systainability).

DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS FOR POWER SYSTEM PLANNING (integrated information and modeling systems used to support long range planning, medium and short range management, and economic load dispatching of hydro-thermal power systems).      

CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACT ASSESSMENTS (for water resources, energy generation, agriculture, environment, health, and other socio-economic sectors).

POLICY, LEGAL, AND INSTITUTIONAL PLANNING (development of policy, legal, and institutional frameworks for shared water resources, including effective stakeholder participation processes and gender mainstreaming).  

TRAINING AND CAPACITY BUILDING (of scientists, engineering, and policy makers in the use of modern information, decision support, and conflict resolution methods and technologies).